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The Challenge

AMC engaged with us when they realised their current space didn’t meet their needs and requirements especially in an agile world. They needed furniture to fit an open-plan space that was not only functional but promoted agile working. Their main emphasis was on creating a ‘break-out’ area where they wished to create a relaxation zone where staff could relax and recharge.

Our Solution

Our designers sought ways in which seemingly everyday materials – wood and glass – could be crafted through bespoke joinery to create some unique features and divide the space, whilst still maintaining its open plan feel.

Furniture played a part in visually dividing spaces, with carpet and hard flooring aiding in creating various zones for different tasks and workspaces.

What we supplied

–        Soundproof upholstered booths
–        Kitchen benches and tables
–        Poseur stools, metal and wood finishes.
–        Boardroom tables and chairs
–        Collaboration tables and chairs
–        Pool table

Workspace Zones

–        Kitchen
–        Breakout
–        Collaboration
–        Focus

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