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The Importance of Workplace Furniture

From Last Place to First.

In a typical design and build project workflow, furniture is a secondary component that is considered more of an afterthought than the primary objective. And understandably so! When undertaking an entire new build, refurbishment or fitout of a new building it’s unlikely that the chairs are the first thing on your mind.


Here’s where Colmore turns the tables. And heads.

A recently-created subsidiary of 45-year-strong Rhino Interiors, Colmore demarcates and channels our expertise in the furniture industry into a unique offering whereby companies are presented with bespoke furniture solutions for their workspaces. Just furniture.

With the hybrid working model cascading through all sectors of the business world – fused with a growing awareness of wellbeing and productivity among employees – furniture has never been as paramount as today. It has the power to redefine, re-align and dictate your company culture and working habits. After all, it’s the very thing you sit on and work at for about 30% of your life; so no underestimation!


How do we know which furniture is right?

Ergonomics play a significant role when selecting the right furniture pieces for your space. What is ergonomics? I hear you ask. ‘Ergonomic furniture or equipment is designed in a way that makes it comfortable and effective for people who use it for their work’ (credits to Cambridge Dictionary). It’s truly eye-opening to discover the not-so-obvious impacts of badly designed furniture. Over 2018-19, the cost of work-related illness and injury amounted to £16.2bn, according to HSE. A significant proportion of this is related to musculoskeletal injury, a direct consequence of bad posture and inactivity.


Why just the furniture?

The replacement or upcycling of your furniture as part of a workspace refresh is also considerably better for the environment and corporate sustainability goals than a standard strip-out and refit. The obvious benefits of monetary cost combine with the reduced carbon footprint of manufacturing of new products, shipping of new items and disposal of old furniture presents an enticing combination for a growing number of organisations.


Talk to our experts about space planning, intelligent design and productive furniture solutions to elevate your brand and culture.


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